What is Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle and how does it work?

Since 2014, our Kegel Master series have been helping 500+ thousand female users for pelvic floor issues. As new generation of pelvic floor trainer, Kegel Rejuve has patented pressure sensor with more sensor points to catch pelvic floor muscles movement precisely.

Connecting to Magic Kegel App (Magic Kegel), Kegel Rejuve provides various levels of training course which tells you exactly how to train your pelvic floor muscles and provides real-time feedback and statistics about your progress and strength.

The training will help you work on pelvic muscles to rehabilitate them and make them work effect

Furthermore, it will help avoid pelvic problems.



How Magic Rejuve/Rebelle help your kegel exercise?

Magic Rejuve/Rebelle can help users find the position of the pelvic floor muscles, guide users to apply force and exercise properly, and motivate users to persist in training. This is lacking in traditional Kegel training deivces.



Does Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle need to be used with a smartphone app?

Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle can be used in the following two modes: Force-feedback training mode and interactive training mode.

When using in the force-feedback mode, the user does not need to use a mobile phone. Utilizing the built-in multi-point and multi-zone pressure sensor of Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle, when the product is placed in the pelvic floor muscle area and the user exercises properly, the user can feel a slight force feedback vibration. This vibration can be used as a reminder for kegel training when directed by a doctor or professional.



Do I need internet access to use the Magic Kegel app?

You need internet access to download the Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle’ application software(Magic Kegel app), set up your account and access app updates, but on a day-to-day basis you do not need the internet to workout with Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle.



Is Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle safe?

Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle is made with body-safe silicone (IPX6), is BPA free, 100% waterproof . Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle connects to smart phone via bluetooth energy, which emits from the tail of the device – this tail always remains outside the body.

Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle is CE marked, meaning it conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).



What’s the size of Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle?

Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle is φ0.9x3.3(6.9)inch and weighs 27g. Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle comes with an optional Rejuve/Rebelle Cover. we suggest you use Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle with or without Rejuve/Rebelle cover to decide which is your favorite.

Furthermore, when doing our Force-feedback exercise, please try both lying posture and stand posture to find the correct pelvic floor muscle position and apply right force



Can it be used during my pregnancy?

Every pregnancy is a different case if you are unsure please consult your health professional before use.



Can it be used when I have pelvic health condition?

If you have gynecological or other discomfort symptoms, please consult your doctor before use.



Can it be used if I am new to a pelvic floor muscle exercise?

 Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle detects your pelvic floor muscle pressure, so you really need pelvic floor muscles to use it. 

The Magic Kegel application contains user guidance, such as how to find pelvic floor muscles, how to exercise, etc., to help guide beginners in training.

If you know that you can't do pelvic floor muscle exertion independently, we recommend that you work with a professional to find the most suitable solution for you.



Is my phone or tablet compatible with Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle?

As long as your phone is an Android with 4.3 or newer, or iPhone 5s and newer, with support for bluetooth then Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle will be compatible with your device.

You can simply download the Magic Kegel app onto your phone/tablet and log in your account. Then power on Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle and follow the instruction on Magic Kegel APP. (if the phone Bluetooth is not on, app will prompt you to switch on in the phone setting.)



How to clean Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle?

Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle is very easy to clean. Simply wash Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle and Rejuve/Rebelle cover before and after every use with warm water and mild soap. Remember to rinse thoroughly and make sure it is completely dry before you put it back into the storage bag.

For the storage bag, please wash it with warm water and mild soap.

Do NOT:  Use detergent in washing machine and dishwasher  OR Sterilize in microwave oven.



 How often to use Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle ?

We suggest that you do Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle training course three times a week as a minimum.
In fact, we all know physiotherapists recommend that pelvic floor exercises on daily basis is the best.
Unlike traditional ben wa balls, Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle with app makes Kegel exercises a boring routine turn to be a fun. Voice coach & track your Kegel training in real-time accompany you during 10-15 minutes’ training course.

Also it records every movement of your pelvic floor muscle and analysis training progress in evaluation report.

Not only on helping pelvic muscles to rehabilitate and work effect, daily Kegel exercises can improve sexual satisfaction.



When can I start to use it after birth

At least six weeks after birth. We recommend you got the approval from your health professional before using Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle.



How to find the sensor area of Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle?

First of all, you can learn to feel the Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle's response to the slight pressure.

Turn on Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle and Do not connect the APP first. Press the sides of Kegel Rejvue with your hands. You will feel the vibration of force feedback.  Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle is covered with multi-point micro-force sensor that can sense your tiny pressure.



How to put Kegel Rejuve/Rebellenate into the body?

Use a standing position, relax your body, gently push the ellipse into the vagina, and leave the tail outside. Be sure to fully insert the main part of the ellipse, but do not go too far. If you gently pull the spring bud down, you can feel a slight resistance to the vaginal opening. If it is inconvenient for the first time, we recommend that you use water-based lubricating fluid to assist.



What is the Rejuve/Rebelle Cover included in the product?

We recommend that all women try Kegel Rejuve/Rebelle with Rejuve/Rebelle cover, feel the difference in the body from the kegel Rejuve/Rebelle without Rejuve/Rebelle cover, and choose the most comfortable way to exercise.



How to contract the pelvic floor muscles?

To learn to contract the pelvic floor muscles, some students will not exert force at the beginning. Imagine the process of urination. If the force is correct, the product will vibrate slightly in the force-feedback training mode, and the stronger the vibration the stronger. Or when connected to the APP's interactive training mode, you can see the little bird flying on the Magic Kegel APP.  



What body posture should I use for training?

Kegel training can be in a lying or standing position. If you can not apply the force correctly, you can try standing training. The hips should be slightly clamped during training to ensure that the product does not fall out of the vaginal opening. If the product slides out while standing, it is not properly clamped. Repeat 2 to 4 times, and the app will record each of your exercises.



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